Volunteer Opportunities

High Priority: Join the elections committee!

We need three volunteers to help recruit eligible candidates for the Board. We urgently need to fill three board positions: (1) President, (2) Treasurer, and (3) Secretary, and the elections committee nominates candidates for the elected MGA PTA Board Officer positions. The Committee will communicate the candidates to the PTA board and membership, and manage special elections and the general elections that occur in May. The Committee Chair is selected amongst the Committee members.

Join our board

Open Committee & Committee Chair Positions:

Elections Committee

See description above

Bylaws Committee

The MGA PTA refreshes it bylaws every three years. It's time once again to refresh the MGA PTA Bylaws! This committee helps facilitate bylaw maintenance and compliance with state and national bylaw requirements.

Volunteer Coordinator

Assists the PTA in recruiting, managing, and engaging volunteers in events and initiatives. The volunteer coordinator helps track the PTA's volunteers and hours contributed.

Membership Committee

Recruit Monarch Global Academy parents and community members to become engaged members of the PTA.


Engages with the community on behalf of the PTA via social media and manages the PTA’s website

Fundraising Committee

Manages fund raising initiatives such as restaurant shuffles, direct appeal campaigns, box tops, Amazon smile, etc., to support the PTA's mission and programming goals.

AACCPTA Delegate

MGA PTA liaison to the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs.